Andrzej Citowicz (born 10 feb, 1976) is a Polish guitarist and songwriter, currently living in Cairo (Egypt).

In 2012 Citowicz signed a contract with Downboys Records (label belongs to Erik Turner and Jerry Dixon from WARRANT). With Down Boys Records, he released a compilation of demos called Year Of The Dragon and also a Christmas EP.

In 2013 Citowicz left Downboys and started work with multi-instrumentalist and producer from Germany Dirk Arnicke.Together they release two instrumental album: Shot Down, Get Up and Ace Of Hearts.

By late 2013 a new member joined Citowicz, Patryk Szymanski (Transtime) also from Poland and with him and Arnicke they released another Christmas EP.

In 2014 joined Oliver Monsieur (AMP the Band) a vocalist from Germany. Together they formed the Andrzej Citowicz Experience AKA TACE and together they’ve recorded EP “Jack Of Hearts” ( a songs from this EP that was played in a national radio station in Poland and got lots of great reviews too).

Now Citowicz left TACE and decided that it is time to start a new musical journey.